Pay Assessments

2018 Quarterly Assessments are $330.00 and are payable:
January 1,  April 1,  July 1  and  October 1 , 2018.

Payments must be received at the Atlanta lockbox by the 30th of the month to be considered timely.

Payments may be made on-line - click on the link below "Go to Smartstreet" 

A unique user id and password must be created by you in order to make a payment at Smartstreet.  This user id and password would be different from the one used to log-on to this HOA website. 

Members may take advantage of a 1% discount if the assessment is paid IN FULL BEFORE January 31, 2018.  The discounted payment of $1,306.80 must be received and POSTED at the lock box address not later than 1/30/18.

  Go to SmartStreet

Pay by Mail

If you prefer to mail your check, please mail it to the following address:

     Courthouse Station Homeowners Association
     c/o POA Management Associates
     P. O. Box 105007
     Atlanta, GA  30348
Be sure to include the Courthouse Station address for which the payment is being made or the unit account number assigned by the management company.  If you don''t know your unit account number please contact management at [email protected].