Courthouse Station Homeowners Association

June 19 Road Work Update

We’ve made it through Day 1!  Only one car needed to be relocated this morning.  Thanks to everyone for their efforts to get their affected roadways cleared by 7 AM.

RACHELLE PLACE and 2100 – 2118 BOBBYBER – PLEASE NOTE: Due to the extra depth of milling required on Rachelle Place and 2100 – 2118 Bobbyber Drive, barriers will remain in place tonight and no traffic or parking will be allowed on those streets due to the possibility of vehicle damage by the height differential created by the extra milling process.

Here’s a synopsis of tomorrow’s roadwork:

Wednesday, June 20th – Paving (lay down new asphalt) – Affected areas shown in RED on attached map 

The same streets milled today (June 19th) will be completely closed and there will be no parking on June 20th from 7:00 AM until the afternoon of June 21st.  Barriers will be removed once the area has been opened for vehicular traffic.

If there are any changes or updates due to weather, we will post them here.  The original informational mailer for this week’s work is here on the page titled 2018 Road Paving & Concrete Work.  

A reminder that there is plenty of parking on Sandburg Street.  You have to walk through Tysons Executive Village to get to Sandburg from the circle at the bottom of Madron Lane, but it is just a short walk and should be a good alternative.  Just make sure that you don’t park on Tysons Executive Court or Tysons Executive Lane.  Those are private streets and you are likely to get towed if you park there.

Friday, June 22 Trash Service Will Be Affected by Road Work

All items must be placed out on Madron Lane for collection on Friday.  (Even the streets that are not being milled and paved that day). The trash crews will not be allowed access to any of the community’s streets for the entire week.

Please make sure that you temporarily mark your garbage can and/or recycling bin so you can easily identify it.  Trash cans are assigned to each residence and if you lose a trash can, American Disposal will charge $75 to replace it.  Ribbon, rope, twine, bandana, etc. tied around the handle should make it easy for you to find your trash can at the end of the day.  You might also want to take a picture of your garbage can’s serial number (on the back of the can) so it’s easier to track down in the event it goes missing.

Who We Are

Courthouse Station is a community of 123 resid
ential garage town homes in Vienna, Virginia. The community is conveniently located off Gallows Road in close proximity to Tysons Corner.  

The Homeowners Association exists to maintain the community common areas, provide basic services such as street maintenance and landscaping, and work with the homeowners and residents to communicate information important to the Association members and help protect property values. Every owner of record in Courthouse Station is a member of the Homeowners Association.

Information about the Homeowners Association can be found on this web site.  Additional inquiries should be directed to our Property Management Firm - POA Management Associates, LLC.  Please see the "Contact Information" page of this web site for further details.